Faruk Arslan

Bathurst and Steeles Street  Toronto, ON M2R 1Z6

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Excellent communication skills in Business, Social Service Work, Social Work and Journalism professions with over 18 years of interviewing and counseling experience and business consultant/expert fields utilizing my sound judgement in assessing client needs and applying my skills and experience in serving them according to the most established practices in the consultant field. I am trustworthy as a Business Consultant/Expert, Journalist-Writer, Social Worker and International Trade Consultant and Researcher, eager to learn, has positive attitude, creative and well problem solver. I am proven team player and excellent leadership skills in different types of environment, has excellent ability to effectively function in high-pressure environments utilizing superb multi-tasking capabilities.


To obtain a position as a Business Consultant and Expert to successfully guide and supervise clients through supportive relationships with case management responsibilities; manage program and policy development and administrative and clerical duties; and participate in the activities of the agency at large.

Export Manager Experince

August 2003-August 2006: Export Manager, Astra Canada Pulses Inc. Regina, Saskatchewan

August 2006 – Present: Export Manager and CEO, Arslan Trading Inc. Toronto, Ontario

Astra Canada Pulses Inc has been continued its activity under the brand name of Arslan Trading Inc. which is a renowned supplier of pulses, special crops, grains and flour to customers around the world since 2003. As an experienced processor, marketer and exporter, Arslan Trading Inc. supplies only the best products to their international customers. Also, as a bonded Global Canadian Exporter with the Export Development of Canada (EDC), Arslan Trading Incorporation has a well-deserved reputation of being reliable, trustworthy, prompt, fair and just with every producer and customer.
Arslan Trading is an established member of the Regina Chamber of Commerce in Saskatchewan, just as well as the Toronto Chamber of Commerce and Turkish Canadian Chamber of Commerce (TCCC) in Ontario, Canada. TCCC is a proud member of the Confederation of Businessmen and Industrialists of Turkiye (TUSKON).
Canada has many advantages on competing with grain handling and processing jurisdictions around the world. Arslan Trading works actively with accredited exporters from Prairie Provinces, the Canada Wheat Board (CWB) and Ontario Wheat Board (OWB) to provide an excellent quality of grain for the export market.
Arslan works with one of the leading flour producer in Turkey to export the cheapest and best of quality mills all purposes for bread, cookies, noodles, cake /waffle and home use, all around the world. Arslan Trading contains strong pipelines with special pulses, grains and flour importers from Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and South America.
Arslan Trading Inc. also has MERBA MAKINA sole distributor rights on red lentil and pea split machineries within the Americas including the USA, Canada, Mexico and the Southern American countries. Arslan Trading’s distribution is certain in proprietary agricultural product sifting, cleaning and splitting machines that cover products and related technologies.


  • 5 years of Business Trade and Consultant experience in Canada, 3 years in Turkey.
  • Journalism experience in Azerbaijan, Turkey and Canada as a reporter, column writer at Azerbaijan Zaman, Zaman Turkey, Sunrise Newsletter and Canadaturk.
  • 7 years of counselling individuals, couples, youths, elders and adolescents to solve problems, providing support in various non-profit organizations in Toronto.
  • Poll Clerk in Canadian elections.
  • As a Youth Program Supporter, did psychological assessment and provided support for Atak Soccer Club players and Kardelen Music Group members at CTFC in 2007-2008 in Toronto.
  • Volunteered at Nile Academy as a Chess Club Teacher/Educator and prepared students for a national and international chess competition in 2007 in Toronto.
  • Scheduled appointments and formulated intakes over the phone, collected data.
  • 3 years of management experience in Regina, Saskatchewan.
  • Exceptional interpersonal and organizational skills.
  • Honours graduate in Sociology. Possesses a Social Services diploma and a degree in International Relations.
  • Able to work and consult in multiple languages. (English, Turkish, and Azerbaijani Languages). Has 7 years of work experience in Azerbaijan and 5 years in Turkey.
  • Trustworthy, eager to learn, with a positive attitude, creative and a great problem solver.
  • Excellent computer skills, including ability to use Publisher, Excel, PowerPoint and Microsoft Office Word processing.
  • Proven team player with excellent leadership skills in different types of environments.
  • Worked in high-pressure environments involving the use of superb multi-tasking capabilities.
  • Taught Turkish Class- Beginner Level at TDSB for adults and youth, in Toronto since September 2011.


  • Connected business community, families and individuals to community resources and organizing campaigns, assessed social-economical needs, and provided supportive business counselling to communities.
  • Coordinated and organized community-based programs, events and festivals, and has supervised over 30 volunteers & 10 employees.
  • Documented clients, created programs in compliance with agency policy requirements. Has extensive knowledge on business laws, export regulations, social policy, legislation, social justice and social welfare, and on managing and offering solutions to individual business problems.
  • Extensive speaking and writing experience; wrote and published academic articles.
  • Experience in working with diverse populations and getting positive results.
  • Assessed clients with business issues, and provided support to Turkish businessmen, families, individuals, youth and at the Canadian Turkish Community in Toronto.


2010-2011 Interfaith-Intercultural Activities Coordinator Intercultural Dialog Institute (IDI), Toronto Branch,
2006-2010 Activities Director, Public Relations Unit Director Canadian Intercultural Dialogue Center (CIDC), Canadian Turkish Friendship Community (CTFC), Toronto
2003-2006 Manager of Department Astra Canada Pulses Inc, Regina, Saskatchewan
2000-20031992-20001992-1995 Event Coordinator, Journalist, Reporter, Journalist, Turkish Reporter, Turkish Teacher Sunrise Education Trust, TorontoZaman Newspaper in Ankara Bureau, Turkey and Baku Azerbaijan Zaman Azerbaijan, in Kurdemir, Ucar and Baku public schools of Azerbaijan


Volunteered as an Organizing Assistant, helped a Food Donation Campaign-Africa in 2007-2011 for the Dicle Islamic Society (DIS) in Toronto.


Bachelor Liberal of Arts and Professional Studies, Honour Sociology, York University, Toronto

Diploma of Social Service Worker, Centennial College, Toronto

Bachelor of International Relation, specialized International Law, Honour, Azerbaijan University, Baku Azerbaijan

Certificate of the French Language Explore Program, York University, Toronto

Certificate of Mock Disaster Course “Tele-buddy Project”, Network Ideas, Centennial College


Provost’s Scholarship, York University

York Business & Prof Alliance Bursary OSOTFI, York University

George Tatham Memorial Bursary, York University


Faruk Arslan is a Turkish-Canadian businessman, columnist, journalist-writer, and the author of 21 books. He has studied Sociology and International Relations, specializes in International Law, and has received his university degrees from York University in Toronto, Canada, and from Azerbaijan University in Baku, Azerbaijan, having majors in English, Russian and Azerbaijani Linguistics. He wrote a thesis on “The Status of the Caspian” and won the title of “International Legist” in 1997.He also graduated from Centennial College with a Social Service Worker Diploma in 2008, becoming a social worker to help Canadian communities. He completed the non-commissioned Officer Medical Preparation School of GATA in Ankara, Turkey in 1987.

He worked for Azerbaijan Zaman (Time) Newspaper as a reporter, news manager and columnist, in 1992-1998. He was a representative of the Cihan (World) News Agency in Azerbaijan for three years between the years of 1995-1998. He wrote for a column called “Letter from Baku” for two years in 1997-1998. He closely followed the Karabag, Chechenistan and Abkhazia wars during the 1990s. Writing more than three thousand pieces of news and articles on energy resources of the Caspian Sea, his articles were published in both Turkish and foreign press. He was one of the first publishers of Tomurcuk (Bud), which is the first magazine for children published in Azerbaijan in 1996.  Until the end of 2000, he was a reporter writing on issues concerning diplomacy, foreign policy and energy politics for Turkish Zaman newspaper in Ankara. By preparing special investigation documents on Zaman newspaper, which were published in 14 countries, he worked as a traveling reporter for the Turkish World. He wrote for Muhalif (“Opposing”), Gelecek (“The Future”) and Hür Gelecek (“The Independent Future”) newspapers as a columnist with his real name and under the name Ali Alperen, in 1998-2006; and he wrote for Milli Ocak in between 2008-2011, having carried on his internet journalism at sonsaniye.net between the years of 2000-2006. By carrying on the agency for Zaman newspaper in Canada, he worked as a Toronto reporter in 2000-2003. He published Sunrise Newsletter, which is the only free journal delivered by post to Turks living in Canada, and Arslan undertook its editorship. He was editor of the monthly publication of Sunrise Newsletter (2002-2004) and column writer at Canadaturk (1994-present).  Canadaturk is the Canadian Turkish communities’ voice in media and it is a monthly publication that has been circulating about 5000 copies per month since 2004. Arslan has recently been teaching practical Turkish to adult and young Canadians at the Toronto District School, York University and the Turkish Cultural Center in Toronto, Canada. He continues to be a representative of Cihan News Agency of Toronto.

Personal life

From 2006 to 2011, Arslan was a representative of the Muslim faith community of Toronto, Canada at the Toronto Area Interfaith Council. He worked together with other religions’ representatives in organizing the annual Toronto Mayor’s Breakfast, which drew in 150 Ministerial representatives from faith groups in the GTA, with a strong motivation, desire, and ability to engage in social work. Arslan has been a driving force in the Turkish community of Toronto, assisting in the organization of many of its activities via the Intercultural Dialog Institute as a Board member and Director of Interfaith Affairs, and has coordinated and built up Turkish community relationships with Canadian shelters, hospitals, jails, non-profit organizations, other religious communities and government agencies to offer community-based social programs as an outreach worker. Arslan knows the English, German and Azerijani languages fluently and understand French fairly. He is married and has two children.


His journalistic work has been published in 21 books in Turkish and four in English. His English book, “Sociological Writings in the Canadian Perspective”, is a collection of some of his academic articles at York University in 2011; it is a ‘A Handbook for Sociology Students’ that includes: essays, articles, research proposals, social projects and programs, journals, reflections, reference and cover letter writings, all from his university years of study. His first English book, September 11 Fiction of Matrix, was published in June 2005 and its second edition was made in August 2011, an edition that is available worldwide. His other book, “Narratives on Canadian Muslims, Reverts, Turks” is the first book ever written about the history of Canadian Muslims and Turks.  He wrote over 6 thousand published articles, 2000 columns, and featured in many broadcasted TV and radio news coverages. Among his books are “Mason Bektashism” and “Wolves Valley of Caspian”, which have gotten the strongest attention from academia. His article, “New Paradigms in the Turkish Foreign Policy”, has been published at the Turkish Review on March 1, 2011.


2011. “New Paradigms in the Turkish Foreign Policy.” The Turkish Review. Volume 1 Issue 2, Published.

2010. “Top-down French Secularism Targets the Full Veil.” SUSA, York University. Volume 1 Issue 1, Published.

2010. “The Holocaust: The Site of Memory, Site of Contestation and Collective Consciousness.” The Fountain Scientific Magazine. Pending for publication.

2011. “The Recent Egyptian Movement: The Egyptian Movement: Was the crisis and revolution in Egypt one of its own making or from MNCs‟ intervention? Fatih University, European Journal of Economic and Political Studies. Pending for publication.

2011.”The Turkish Labour Movement in Germany: Homeland and
host-land nationalisms, identity crisis and ghetto conflicts” Insight Turkey Academic Journal. Pending for publication.


1-Mason Bektashism‖ Publisher Karakutu. April 2009, 376 pages, the relationships between Alevism-Bektashi sects and-the Turkish state since the10th century to present.

2-Black Box: Tuncay Guney‖ Publisher Karakutu. November 2008, 300 pages, a life story.

3-Mith of Jesus in Keshmir” Publisher Karakutu. Research book, 206 pages, unknown truth of Jesus Christ boyhood life in Asia, December 2006.

4-”The Savior of Mesiah Barnaba‖ Publisher Karakutu. Novel, 344 pages, about unknown history of first Christians and the Gospel of Barnaba, in November 2006.

5- The First Conquerors. Memory book. 314 pages, journalism memories in May 2010.

6-”Rescue Us Canada” Publisher Lulu. Memory and Research book, 400 pages, about How to come to Canada, and how to adapt in Canadian society, in August 2006.

7-Wolves Valley of Caspian‖ Publisher Karakutu. Oil power disputes in the 1990s over Caspian sea oil resources, 445 pages in April 2005.

8-Net Breaking: The Fiction War of Evangelist‖ Publisher Karakutu. 400 pages, about Iraq and Afghanistan wars dispute global politics and human rights violations, in August 2005.

9-”Secret of Valley is Solving” Publisher Evreca. Research book, 256 pages, about Turkish mafia, deep state and secret organizations triangle, in June 2005.

10- “Chess of Petroleum” Publisher Lulu. Politic, 350 pages about how happened colorful coups and revolutions on former Soviet Union countries under petroleum dispute perspective, in January 2005.

11-September 11: Fiction of the Matrix Publisher Q-Matrix about conspiracy theories, 495 pages, weird facts around September 11, in April 2004. Publisher Lulu in 2005, English translation version.

References: Available Upon Request.