Faruk Arslan

Statement of Interest

I have been an accomplished student, a successful reporter and correspondent, and then a researcher—even a writer who has already published 21 books. As a SSW and a sociology student, I am a passionate thinker and writer aiming to respond to the complex problems facing our society and communities. The reason behind my decision to attend Centennial College and York University was to continue learning and exploring issues that interested me. I returned to academic life after 15 years of work in active journalism and life experience because I wanted to keep learning, reading, helping individuals, families and groups and doing research.

I want to continue my journey of hard work, research, curiosity, and exploration; and a master program will enable me to continue this journey. I have received an Honour Sociology degree from York University in a growing field, and I already have a phenomenal amount of research, journalism and SSW experience. I have received transcript with 3.8 GPA in the 4th year as one of the top 5% amongst classmates and, with an overall 3.6 GPA average, graduated with an Honor Degree of Sociology at York University, Liberal Arts and Professional Studies. I look forward to learning further, developing my research skills in an academic environment, and progressing through a series of workshops en route to an MA degree at your school. The interdisciplinary nature of the program is very appealing and fits my research goals and interests. I want to concentrate on Social Work because I want to help individuals, families, groups, and research on a community-based social movement in Canada.

I am committed to achievement by recognizing roots of discrimination and oppression usage and within my approach, critical and reflective thinking. It is important to see all of the different ways in which the persons and systems are inter-related. I have been influenced by the system + ecological theories = the life model in social worker studies, and during my field placement at Centennial College, I was drawn to the Germain’s ecological perspective for the same reasons. However, I found only one theory to be lacking in practical application. Postmodernism and the Critical Theory are broad rubrics for intellectual movements rather than specific theories, and postmodernism derives from Post-Structuralism and Deconstructionist, which were initially criticisms of the Structuralism Movement of the 1960s. The Critical Theory was derived from the neo-Marxism and Feminist theories, extended to include the Post-Colonial Theory and Queer Theory. Discourse and deductive thinking need a variety of approaches assigned based on client needs. The ecological structure needs nutrition to adapt and evolve, and it depends on power and the structure of the society to have benefited them.  Based on the critical perspective, there are false conscious, deconstructive, and dominate groups that benefit from consciousness such as capitalism, and historical facts were choices that have influenced our lives.

I searched several approaches, such as one reflective, which puts oneself in someone else’s shoes to understand others. I am equally a kinaesthetic, oral and verbal learner, so I plan to take advantage of all the possibilities from these forms of learning that encourage me to do intensive study. I like to use the Critical Reflective Model, antiracism and anti-oppression approaches to practice in the social field in order to break down barriers. I do advocacy for social justice. I confront the ideas of discrimination and oppression. I create possibilities for multiple perspectives and develop explanations as a critical reflector.  Talking of this practice can put impact on community leaders and challenge their minds to work on community-based projects for all. The less competent MSW is not interested in his work as a helper of people, but rather as an expert of people in the way of working effectively for clients. I would look to an anti-oppressive, empowerment, critical, reflective, and systemic life model, and also a contextual model for guidance in encouragement in order to collaboratively change the system.

My skills as a SSW and having sociological knowledge are adequate to help people within a certain context; I have experience working in the Canadian Interfaith-Intercultural Dialogue Center, Canadian Turkish Friendship Community, Azerbaijan Turkish Regions Association, Sunrise Education Trust and Canadaturk as a community developer, an event organizer, and a grant writer for refugees, immigrants, new Canadians, and for persons with whom case management was necessary with high-risk families, and with media and public relations, and I have also been successful doing SSW work with families and children. At a certain point, I still am in need of direction and supervision. It is my hope that I will feel more confident upon completing the Wilfred Laurier University MA Social Work field. Ultimately, I feel it is important to know more about the approach to theories, have an idea of my own biases, but to never let a certain perspective or technology limit to what I can do for a client. Respect for human diversity has always been a core social work concern. It is the centerpiece of many of our best efforts to enhance human growth and potential.  I have respect that culture, race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual diversity in Canada grow ever more inclusive. The social work profession works mostly with underprivileged segments of society that include a large number of culturally diverse populations. I have assumed the task of broadening my cultural competency to improve my ability to work with clients whose backgrounds and culture are different from my own. My experiences living in other countries (Azerbaijan, Turkey and Canada) have allowed me the perspective of being outside the mainstream.

I feel confident and passionate to excel in your graduate program. I believe I have the intellectual capacity, real world experience, and the tenacity and courage to be a scholar in the field of MSW. If I am given a chance, I am sure that I will meet the requirements of your program and contribute to your academic community through my research and service. Looking forward to the start of the marathon, I am aware of the fact that investment in this graduate program demands total commitment and very hard work. I believe my research can have significant implications for the sustainability and social responsibility of many sectors in Canada. I want to continue my journey and develop research skills in your masters program, ultimately leading to a Ph.D. in Social Work.