“Korkma, Titre!” (Don’t just be afraid, tremble!)

“Korkma, Titre!” (Don’t just be afraid, tremble!)

Fuat Avni claimed that Erdoğan and his associates are truly afraid of his tweets. He said that he personally witnessed Erdoğan’s advisors turning to one another, asking who Fuat Avni is.  Fuat Avni’s tweets often end with the haunting refrain, “Korkma, Titre!” (Don’t just be afraid, tremble!) Fuat Avni is not only an excellent storyteller. His tweets provide a constant stream of information targeting Erdoğan. Why are these unverifiable rumors attracting millions? Rumors are flying: He was one of Erdoğan’s advisors. No, he still is an advisor to him. Maybe he is not a “he.” Could Fuat Avni be Erdoğan’s wife, daughter or his son? And then, why assume that he or she is singular? How about the possibility that this account is owned by several Ankara bureaucrats? Or is Turkey’s “deep throat” from Erdogan’s inner circle? The whistleblower is thought to be among the government’s inner circle and has made reliable predictions about police and media operations since so-called ‘17 December’ 2013 scandal, which rocked Turkish politics since then.

Fuatavni is a mystery as to his identity, he represents as the individual voice can be powerful on social media and challenge Jacobin dictatorship. Who Fuat is? What’s his motivation? Personally, I know who really is. He was my friend in 1992 when he was a student at ODTU. Of course, I cannot reveal his true identity. I could describe him and talk about his motivations. He was one of the founding members of AKP as a very religiously motivated bureaucrat. He had tortured by radical secular military people during the the cold coup of February 28 process and has lost his job, but he was returned back ın 2002. He never makes grammatical mistake because he has a literature master in Turkish. Fuat avni is following 258 twitter users and communicating with some of them only through twitter’s DM. He keeps changing his computer ID while using special software program that always relocates him in different country technically.

The fact that the Fuat Avni account was created around the same time the corruption investigation against the government started. He has access to top secret information, has been able to stay one step ahead of the authorities and is nearly always right. On each and every occasion, many scandals have been correctly predicted by Fuat Avni before they took place. He obtains his information, leaving Turkey abuzz with rumours over the user’s real identity.

– ‘The king is naked!’ –

Government officials take his tweets seriously.

“This is very serious and we need to consider it. I found the tweets to be a bit dangerous, as well,” Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc said of rumours voiced by Avni.

“I hope that this does not turn out to be real or at least that it does not occur at this scale,” he said before the swoop.

The government had repeatedly moved to shut down Fuat Avni’s Twitter account but the user continued tweeting under new handles.

Some say Avni is one of Erdogan’s close aides, while others believe he is an intelligence officer or even a CIA agent who wants to “stir up” the country.

Some think he is a pro-Gulen journalist with good contacts. There have even been somewhat fanciful suggestions he is a member of Erdogan’s own family, such as his wife Emine, who accompanies the president at all times.

He occasionally tweets nuggets of gossip about Erdogan’s private life, such as what he had for dinner, how he had trouble sleeping one night or what he would wear the next day — which has proved accurate from time to time.

In a “Twitter interview” with American news website Vocativ in July, Avni denied any links to Gulen and said his sole aim was to reveal the “dirty doings” of the government and “continue to do so until it collapsed”.

He has a unique style that followers say aims to evoke suspense, give them hope that the collapse of the government is imminent and instil “fear” in Erdogan, whom he always calls a “tyrant” and recently he calls a “ Yezid” as well known dictator in the Islamic history.

“Neither sulk, be pessimistic nor be hopeless, my beautiful people. These are traps of a collapsing fake dynasty,” Fuat Avni, who says his alias means “a helping heart”, almost every day.

“The king is naked! You’re naked but not a king. You’re a Yezid!” another tweet wrote, referring to Erdogan. The tweets seen here are from his English-language account, @FuatAvniEng, which were sent out on Fri. 15 August.

Erdoğan knows no bound in designing the media. The spy agency has been monitoring columnists and journalists critical of the AKP for months.

— Fuat Avni Eng (@FuatAvniEng) August 15, 2014

At the order of Erdoğan, the list of to-be-purged journalists was sent to Doğan, Ciner, Demirören and Al-Jazeera media groups.

— Fuat Avni Eng (@FuatAvniEng) August 15, 2014

These media groups were told that they “would be finished” if the journalists in the list are not fired.

— Fuat Avni Eng (@FuatAvniEng) August 15, 2014

Journalists writing about corruption, MİT trucks, hostages will be purged. Erdoğan had asked MİT to put these journalists under surveillance

— Fuat Avni Eng (@FuatAvniEng) August 15, 2014

The Dirty War

EMRE USLU suggests that Fuat Avni revealed how the dirty war supported by Erdogan.

Recently, Fuat Avni made an interesting allegation. The allegation says encrypted phones were sent to Qandil and that the National Intelligence Organization (MİT) made phone calls to Qandil without informing the military or other relevant agencies. The operations the army was to carry out were communicated to Qandil by MİT over encrypted phones. But German intelligence intercepted the communications and recorded the talks between the intelligence agency and Qandil.
Well, Fuat Avni has been right so far in all of his allegations; and true, there has been a dirty war for decades in the southeast of Turkey; but nobody would think that this war was so dirty that the country’s intelligence agency would notify the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) of possible operations beforehand. This is a very interesting and strong allegation. Let us discuss whether or not this allegation can actually be true.

Above all, it should be noted that we need to investigate whether or not MİT has an established practice under which it gives phones to illegal groups to maintain communication. Önder Sığırcıkoğlu, who was formerly with MİT and who talked to the Syrian opposition figures in Hatay, confirms this allegation. Sığırcıkoğlu notes that phones were supplied to Syrian opposition groups to bypass the local branches of MİT and other state institutions.
He says: “Ankara bypassed us and maintained direct contact with these groups. The team responsible for this also supplied cell phones to these opposition figures. Sometimes we were warned by Ankara when persons who were given phones did not answer their phones so that we would see what was happening. In such cases, we went to check if they were all right.”

This allegation confirms the thesis that MİT supplies phones to armed groups to establish contact but does not provide any tips on whether or not it gave phones to the PKK. However, it is no secret that the state maintained a phone line between Abdullah Öcalan and the PKK. In 1997, Bülent Orakoğlu, who served as chair of MİT, announced that a phone connection had been established between Sabri Ok and Öcalan and that the police had wiretapped the conversations.

And recently, media reported that an SMS messaging line was established between Öcalan and certain people. HDP figures who visited him also announced that Öcalan was allowed to use the WhatsApp messaging service.

Likewise, Avni Özgürel confirmed in 2012 that there was SMS traffic between Qandil and Ankara. Özgürel wrote: “While interviewing [Murat] Karayılan in Qandil, the aides brought a note that had been sent from Ankara. The note said, ‘Karayılan was poisoned by his guard; is there anything we can do, like send a doctor there?’”

All these notes and communications prove the existence of phone traffic between the state and the PKK. It is very likely that encrypted phones were used in this traffic. If this is the case, it is also likely that both domestic and international intelligence services and agencies have a record of the conversations conducted over these encrypted devices. The Germans, in particular, might have done this because they consider the Kurdish issue a domestic matter as well.
Germany has already announced that they wiretapped phones in Turkey, noting that Turkey represented an internal issue.

You should also recall that Germany recently arrested three members of MİT in Germany over espionage charges. This arrest alone indicates that the relationship between German intelligence and MİT is not good. Likewise, a few years ago, Hossein Tanideh, a nuclear arms smuggler who also served as an Iranian agent, was caught in Turkey; Germany requested his extradition, but MİT interfered and ensured his release. MİT also went after a journalist who published the story, accusing him of endangering Turkey’s internal security.

If you consider all these stories, then Fuat Avni’s allegation suggesting MİT supplied encrypted devices to the PKK and Germany wiretapped these phones does seem very unlikely.

EMRE USLU (Cihan/Today’s Zaman)

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