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Faruk Arslan

Editor in Chief, Platform, a Canadian Turkish Business Newsletter

MSW, Social Researcher, Wilfred Laurier University, Kitchener, Canada

Registered Social Service Worker, Ontario Canada

Community Based Researcher at Social Planning Toronto

The President of Media Assembly of North America

World News Agency (CHA) Canada Correspondent

Column Writer at Canadaturk and Türkiye’de Manşet

Turkish Teacher at Toronto District School Board

President of Arslan Trading Inc.


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Faruk Arslan is a Turkish-Canadian columnist, social activist, sociologist, journalist-writer, broadcaster, program co-producer and the author of 21 books. He has been the president of Media Assembly of North America since February 1, 2012 and column writer at Canadaturk which is the Canadian Turkish communities’ voice in media since 2004. He has published Sunrise Newsletter as an editor in chief in Toronto, which was the free journal delivered by post to Turks living in Canada in between 2002-2004. By carrying on the World News Agency and publishing a weekly Zaman newspaper in Canada, he also worked as a Toronto reporter in 2000-2003. He continues to be a representative of Cihan News Agency as a Correspondent of Canada. Arslan has began his journalism career for Azerbaijan Zaman (Time) Newspaper as a reporter, news manager and columnist, in 1992-1998. He was a representative of the Cihan (World) News Agency in Azerbaijan for three years between the years of 1995-1998. He wrote for a column called “Letter from Baku” for two years in 1997-1998. Writing more than three thousand pieces of news and articles on energy resources of the Caspian Sea, his articles were published in both Turkish and foreign press. He was one of the first publishers of Tomurcuk (Bud), which is the first magazine for children published in Azerbaijan in 1996. Until the end of 2000, he was a reporter writing on issues concerning diplomacy, foreign policy and energy politics for Turkish Zaman newspaper in Ankara. By preparing special investigation documents on Zaman newspaper, which were published in 14 countries, he worked as a traveling reporter for the Turkish World. He wrote for Muhalif (“Opposing”), Gelecek (“The Future”) and Hür Gelecek (“The Independent Future”) newspapers as a columnist with his real name and under the name Ali Alperen, in 1998-2006; and he wrote for Milli Ocak in Turkey and Platform in Germany between 2008-2011, having carried on his internet journalism at between the years of 2000-2006 and currently also a column writer in a daily Turkiye’de Gercek (“Reality of Turkey “) newspaper in Corum, Turkey since January 2012.

Arslan has been a driving force in the Turkish community of Toronto, assisting in the organization of many of its activities via the Intercultural Dialog Institute as a Board member and Director of Interfaith Affairs since 2006, and active member of Canadian Turkish Chamber of Commerce, Canadian Turkish Friendship Community, Dicle Islamic Society, Azerbaijan Turkish Region Association. Arslan has coordinated the Toronto Turkish Festival since 2006 as a volunteer coordinator, and built up Turkish community relationships with Canadian shelters, hospitals, jails, non-profit organizations, other religious communities and government agencies to offer community-based social programs as an a Registered Social Worker, and a member of the Ontario Social Service Worker Association. Arslan has recently been teaching practical Turkish to adult and young Canadians at the Toronto District School, York University and the Turkish Cultural Center in Toronto, Canada/His journalistic work has been published in 21 books in Turkish and four in English.He wrote over 6 thousand published articles, 2000 columns, and featured in many broadcasted TV and radio news coverages. Among his books are “Mason Bektashism” and “Wolves Valley of Caspian”, which have gotten the strongest attention from academia. His article, “New Paradigms in the Turkish Foreign Policy”, has been published at the Turkish Review on March 1, 2011.His English book, “Sociological Writings in the Canadian Perspective”, is a collection of some of his academic articles at York University in 2011; it is a ‘A Handbook for Sociology Students’ that includes: essays, articles, research proposals, social projects and programs, journals, reflections, reference and cover letter writings, all from his university years of study. His first English book, September 11 Fiction of Matrix, was published in June 2005 and its second edition was made in August 2011, an edition that is available worldwide. His other book, “Narratives on Canadian Muslims, Reverts, Turks” is the first book ever written about the history of Canadian Muslims and Turks.